Friday, November 30, 2007


This is just part of a funny blog post that one of my Gear West teammates just sent me. He's describing Cycling in the Fall Season. This is his take on triathletes:

For the full hilarious blog post, go here.

The Triathlete
At this point in the year The Triathlete has transitioned from short-shorts and half-shirt to full-length tights and loose-fitting long-sleeved runner's jersey (which is an outfit that is a helmet away from a pair of pajamas). However, he (or she, of course) has not yet transitioned from the 53x14 gear, nor from the "tuck" of questionable aerodynamic benefit that is less Pro Tour time trialist than it is pedantic professor resting his elbows on a lectern. Not even the vibrant colors of autumn are enough to distract The Triathlete from his or her mission of beating leisure cyclists over modest inclines, striving to improve on "personal bests," and abstaining from all aspects of cycling except for the going forward with your head down part.

So now that I am in the off season, I think I'll get some sun in the tropics.
okay... so my friend Holly has too much time on her hands again. She titled this one How Not To Wear A Thong...
Aye. Que Cosa???

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am thankful 4 u!

This morning I got up to run the Drumstick Dash with my good friend Diane. We made a new friend Norbert along the way. It was a beautiful run - fluffy snowflakes falling on our 10K....
Then home to make sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach, spiral ham and a chocolatey dessert. No traditional Thanksgiving fixin's this year.
Below is Bobby - yesterday they were off from school so he and I went exploring in the woods. We found a stream and a foxhole and a lot of kindling for the firepit.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. I am truly thankful for all of you!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Before/ After


Since we've lived in this house for two years now I decided to decorate my room. The paint is Benjamin Moore's "Meditation" from the Affinity Line; the bedding, lamps, pillows, drapes and candle are Target.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ironman Florida

We arrived at the airport with sufficient time for TriNick to visit "the bathroom"... you know... the one made famous by the horny still-in-closet senator. Nick promises he did NOT tap his foot or reach under the door, as this security guard will attest.

After we arrived, we headed down to the beach for a warmup swim with some of our Minnesota buddies: Nick, me, John, Leanne, and IronGirlNyhus. I got stung three times by jellyfish.

Here is the group picture of the MN Ironmen.

We made a bunch of signs for our friends... that's Betty, Laura's mom on the left.

And Laura made one for the legendary Frank Ferrar. Do you realize he raised over $200,000 in charity for this one race? He is an amazing man.

... that night we found a few bloggers (surprisingly!) in the hotel bar... MicheleK, Lana, Trimama, me, and Mrs. Bigun.

Here I am on the bike course... IronGreg drove by ringing the cowbell. Can't ever have too much of that... I did have some trouble on the bike between mile 49 and 63 when my heart started pounding out of my chest. I could not get it below 230 beats, so I sat upright and coasted at about 15 - 17 mph for about 45 minutes. I threw up when I tried to get back into my aerobars. I was getting freaked out because I was in the middle of nowhere, so when I got to the aid station at mile 63 I got off my bike, went to the bathroom, ate, put some more sunscreen on and stood next to my bike until my HR was down to 139. Then I got back on and was fine the rest of the day. Hence my negative split if you were following

... and dancing on the run course - halfway there! My heartrate average was only 132 on the run - I never even SAW 140 beats. So I was low on the run and high on the bike. Weird.

... and at the finish with IronGirl Nyhus. Laura decided not to race, so she took pictures and supported/ cheered all day. Thanks Laura! I love you!

So my stats were:
Conditions: no wind on the bike; nice breeze on the run. Low temp maybe 55; high temp maybe 75degrees. Ocean? not even a ripple. Smooth as glass. I did see two jellyfish on the swim, but did not get stung.
2.4 miles - 1:08:15 (pace 1:49/100 meters)
73 miles - 3:53:14 (pace 18.78 mph)
39 miles - 2:00:36 (pace 19.4 mph)
112 miles - 5:53:50 (pace 18.99 mph)
13.1 miles - 2:27:02 (pace 11:13/mile)
13.1 miles - 2:35:54 (pace 11.54/mile)
26.2 miles - 5:02:00 (pace 11.34/mile)

Here we are at post-race registration for 2008 with Lana, MicheleK, Taconite Boy, and Trimama - who is on the phone with Kahuna, who said he'd do it with us.

The day after is always a relaxing one with chillin' and swillin'. Here are Bigun and Tac Boy getting out of the water after about an hour swim. Di and I watched them for a while, but they swam too far down the beach and our Bloody Mary was getting hot, so we gave up.

Me, Di, and Bigun poolside. Have I told you how delightful and funny these people are? I would go anywhere to a race with them.

Blogger girls: Trimama, IronGirl Nyhus, TriFeist, Mrs. Bigun, me and TriandBeHappy.
This is Di, Trimama, Bigun, me and Taconight Boy after the awards ceremony, posing with my 1st place Athena trophy. Even though I was 24 minutes slower this year, I defended my title!

Last day - meeting at Java Joey's to share pictures and say goodbye.
... and a good time was had by all...
The End!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

IM Florida '07

Best part of the weekend: meeting Diana and Bigun. You guys are just the bomdiggity. ;-)

Watch for full report and pics; but first I have to get the kids to school and watch Thursday's episode of Survivor. But you guys are RIGHT after that. For now I'll just say thank you SO much for all the emails, comments, phone calls, well-wishes, prayers, etc.