Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Outdoor training

So it's 26 degrees this morning for my 6 mile run. What. Gives
I listen to Tac and Bigun's podcast - Bigun's always bragging about his Year-round-outdoor-training-center. (read that in a griping whining jealous voice). I am so so so ready for some warm weather.
Anyway, we did run 6 miles in about an hour, and then I swam 3300 yards. Great swim workout. I love Jeanne, the girl who writes our swim workouts. Her hubba was captain of the Olympic swim team years back (and has two silver medals!), and she herself is quite an amazing swimmer - so we always have these great workouts:

---- Today our main set was a "timed" 300, followed by 10 x 100's (50 FAST as you can/ 50 easy - take 10 seconds rest after the last person in your lane finishes between each 100). After the last 100, take your 10 seconds and then do another "timed" 300 - and it has to be faster than your first 300. 

So you eat up 1600 yards, but it's broken up into manageable pieces - none of which really kills you, but you know you are working hard.

Good thing I had two hours training in my pocket because this afternoon, IronGreg, IronGirlNyhus and I went to the reception place for their wedding to sample all the possible foods and desserts. So 15 entrees and 3 pieces of cake later, I have officially undone my hard work. 

But I'm happy!!!! When was the last time you ate all those desserts?