Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Thousand Gifts, pg 5

Doing this Thousand Gift exercise is incredible. It makes me feel so incredibly blessed. I would never have all this love in my life, all this peace, all this joy, if I were going it alone. I have a Savior. And all the gifts He showers on me are in ADDITION to that. I just shake my head, weep a little, and give thanks. I could never thank Him enough.

181). My kids each day. I have them in my life every single day. It wasn't going to be that way. I was going to have to fight for them.
182. My kids' love for me. Even though they are 10 and 12, they still want to hug, kiss, snuggle, and laugh with me every day.
183). Bobby telling me I am the best mom ever. And he tells me this every day. It's like he never gets tired of it.
184). The blessing that Ally STILL hasn't hit the snotty stage. I hear it from other girls her age and think to myself, "What a gift, that that isn't happening to us." I was snotty to my own mom for at least ten years, so I surely don't deserve Ally.
185). Bobby holding my right hand all through church this morning.
186). And Guy holding my left.
187). Having to let the love fill up to my eyes, and the tears of joy just spill down my face, because both hands were busy being held.
188). Guy being so crafty for a guy. Right now he is putting chapter tabs on the new Bible that we are giving Bobby for Christmas. (He wants to have the same Study one that Guy uses.) And his man-ish gear-head's hands can nimbly affix those teeny little sticky tabs, 'cause he wants Bobby to love his new Bible.
189). Watching Guy wrap Christmas presents, after he demanded everyone keep away. He really gets into Christmas and it is so cool! He makes really pretty bows and is very careful about the ribbon.
190). Going for a coffee date and just sitting, talking, and holding hands for an hour.
191). Finding out this week that the cells that "looked like basal cell carcinoma" were actually only "benign lichenoid keratosis."
192). Knowing that the still-painful biopsy and pending nasty scar are a reminder that once again, my Savior came through for me.
193). Geico insurance commercials.
194). Watching Bobby swim at practice yesterday.
195). Pearson's Salted Nut Roll Bars.
196). Homemade nut roll bars.
197). Taking a nap for 90 minutes in the middle of the day.
198). Going headlamp snowshoeing at night with the kids and listening to them talk about how cool it is.
199). Kissing Guy with my eyes open.
200). Bobby seeing us hugging, and breaking us apart so he could take a turn hugging Guy.
201). Getting invited to go night snowshoeing on the winter solstice - I hope it's not too cold! But it will be very neat!!
202). The bracelet that Ally just made and came to show me. Teal beads of oval and round shapes.
203). Her sweet little kiss just now.
204). And her little hug and "Aw, I love you Mommy" when she saw I typed that.
205). Street rod tv shows that Guy watches when he's chilling out.
206). Being in my pajamas since 5:30 pm.