Monday, May 28, 2007

Yesterday's Swim

... 45 degrees, wind chill of about 40. This is as close as I got to the lake for my 1 hour swim. Jeff swam by himself, and I sat in the car and watched. Although if he were in any kind of trouble, I am still not sure if I would have gone in. I have my limits. ;-)
Fortunately I had my bike and we rode for 55 miles. It was a MN Tri Club ride and over 100 people showed up. They provided boxes upon boxes of Gel, candy bars, Clif bars, Gatorade, Fig Newtons, NutterButters... the WORKS. I can't wait to get invited on another one of their rides.
Glad to see some interest in the Jan 13th Rock-n-Roll marathon. We don't all have to stay together for the race - but we will all hang out before and after... Come on 21stCenturyMom - reconsider!