Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coffee Talk, Sunday Sept. 28, 2008

Jenny: I miss it.

Bob: I know.

Jenny: It was really important to me.

Bob: I know. That's why you should do it.

Jenny: It's just too expensive.

Bob: By then we'll have money again. If not, we'll have bake sales.

[kiss - kiss - hug-hug]


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gosh it's gorgeous here! Today it was about 68 degrees and clear. Susan, Shannon and I ran for an hour while it was still dark out - you could see brightly, the constellations Orion and the Big Dipper. How cool!
A little later, after school drop off, Terri and Erin and I rode our bikes out to St. Michael and back.(about 35 miles) I got my first flat on a sew-up.... and I am proud to say I had it changed and on our way in EIGHT minutes. I had no idea it would actually be easier to change than a regular inner-tube tire.

Tomorrow is a swim day - we've been going about 3500 yards of assorted masters drills, sets twice a week. 

Also today is the 4th day IN A ROW that I've done my pushups, situps and lunges. I just hafta do it. At my age it is SO easy to get all soft around the middle....

About races - I have two more marathons and I'll be done for 2008. I'll have to post my 2009 stuff once I start getting registered...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here Am I

This video is 10 minutes long, but it will answer a thousand questions.

Enjoy and God Bless!



Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here I am!

.... Just been busy I guess - Here's my recap of the past several weeks:

1). My tri season is over, but I have been training anyway! I actually did two swims each of the last two weeks. Those of you who know me, know that as school was winding down, I was only swimming 3-4 times per month, then only swam in races during the summer (plus a whopping two lake swims for fun), and was struggling to get my lazy arse in the water at all. But I am baaaack! Workouts were 3300, 3700, 3200 and 3300 yards. At the end of the w/o of the third day, Jean had us do a timed 100yd sprint and I got a 1:18. Which normally I'd be bummed about. But not now - knowing that I only lost 9 seconds by being lazy for 4 months? Lazy's cool.

2). I've done 3 x 20-milers in preparation for Twin Cities Marathon next month. Am planning on 21 or 22 this weekend, since it's three-weeks-out and that is when I try to do a long-long one. I don't know - there is just something comforting about having more than 20 in my back pocket come race day.

3). Speaking of race day, I am carrying a large flag for the Special Olympics (with my friend Jen Lenarz!) and a couple others for the Twin Cities Marathon. Luckily, it will be passed between us all day, because I assume it will get pretty heavy. Jen is super super fast, so the only time in my life I will ever get to run with her is if I do this, so I am in.

4). I am also doing the Whistlestop Marathon the weekend after TCM, and I will try to go fast for that one.

5). I've been biking well - no aches and pains, but boy is my bike getting old. It squeaks and creaks and stuff, but it still gets me around. I can't wait until I can get a new one... so many Specialized Transition Pros online to drool over.... :-)
Terri and I did our secret-weapon spring-training in the pre-season and we both have been faster for it.  If you want to know what our secret weapon is, I shared it in a comment with both Tri-Rob and Momo so you have to go hunt for it! But it has worked great for two summers in a row. 

6). We switched schools this year and the kids are happy as pigs in mud. Bobby especially loves it. As many of you read last year, it was a painful year for us at Providence Academy, where the kids have gone since pre-K. But Heritage Christian Academy is a much better fit for us. I've been told that what we believe in is "cheap grace" but call it what you like, it works for us and we fit in much better here, so please be happy for us!

7). I took the kids to the state fair a couple weeks ago - I hadn't been in a few years. I hate the fair! It's like a sea of grossly overweight, sweating people all walking really, really slowly, eating huge buckets of cookies, gigantic greasy turkey drumsticks, 12-inch long hot dogs and cheesecake on a stick. Gross! Those who aren't eating, are smoking and drinking until their eyes are all glassy, and it's dusty and dirty - blech. But the kids wanted to go and I felt it was my parental obligation. We actually ate something called Pig-lickers: crispy bacon strips dipped in dark chocolate. Hey, when at the fair, eat the fair food, right?
It was really cool to see all the animals, though - a baby cow was born when we were there - see above pic!- and if we'd waited around just a teeny bit longer we'd have seen piglets born, too. The kids went to the Haunted House but were so scared that a guide with a flashlight had to usher them out. Ally didn't stop crying or squeezing me for at least a half hour... ;-)

9). I passed my room at Florida IM over to my friend Julie Hull - watch for her that day - she's an uber-athlete! and I requested the portion of my registration fee to be refunded, so I am really and truly not doing Florida. I'm sad, but it just is what it is. Erin and Terri will be racing, and I will have lots of other people to cheer for.

That's my update! Now I am going to head over to Greyhounds site to get the latest on his hurricane Ike reports...

I'll close out with a few family pics..

Ally figuring out how long it will take to earn enough points to get another Webkinz.

At the fair.

Snuggling up by the fire-pit.

Ally's pet Lucy the caterpillar moments before we put her outside to be free.