Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall in Minnesota

Here are some recent pics from The Upper Midwest. Soon to be referred to as The Tundra.

Pics from Whistlestop Marathon in Ashland, Wisconsin:
Guy, Marty, me, Diane, Holly, Chae, Merrilee before the race. We really did have trees this bright for the whole marathon. Only once we were on the trail there were lots of reds and oranges displayed as bouquets nestled in with the balsams. It was gorgeous.

After the race we drove over to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a GREAT Italian dinner.
Holly, me, Chae, Diane, Merilee and Guy. Marty went home after the race but Guy stayed as our man-guest for Girls Weekend. He said he would do Girls Weekend anytime!

Bobby invited his 5th grade class over for a Fall Harvest Party. Sixteen kids came and it was so much fun! We went on a trail hike in the back yard, collected interesting stuff for a contest with cool prizes. (Stacea won with her big hairy mushroom; second place was a truly perfect fall leaf). We played games like apple toss, ate pizza, played flashlight games after dark and made s'mores at the firepit. It was about 62 degrees and clear - a perfect fall day.

Yesterday Bobby and Ally and I hit the trails again - the leaves have really fallen - but that in itself is pretty as it looks like a golden carpet in the woods.

Saturday ten of us went on the Ride For Pie. It's a 65 mile HILLY ride along the St. Croix River -  to the most amazing bakery, where we all ate pumpkin pie and then biked back. Andy got a flat in his rear tire; then a flat in his front tire 2 miles later (seriously); then another flat in his front in another 2 miles (TOTALLY serious). He ran out of supplies, so IrongirlNyhus had to go get the car and pick him up! It was a 6 1/2 hour ride with the stops and hills, but it was so pretty!!

Finally, yesterday Susan and I were out on our 6am run and saw 4 shooting stars. We couldn't believe it! So I got home and googled the stargazing page and lo-and-behold it's a charted meteor shower. Only TODAY (the 21st) is supposes to be the really good viewing day, in the  morning and in the south. So Bob and I got the kids up at 5:30 this morning, got all bundled up and watched the sky for an hour and a half before school. We each saw at least 8 or 10 shooting stars... the first ever for Bobby and Ally -- they were so excited! I will be running again tomorrow so if it's clear, maybe I will see some more. Cool!