Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swim challenge

Like me, my spin training buddy Darren, has also been struggling to get his butt in the pool lately, so we have challenged each other to 15 swims between now and the end of March. It works out to be 2 or more per week. 
So today after lifting with Beth, Brenda and Chris, I got in and swam a few yards. The water was really warm, making me feel so sluggish - but at least I got in there. I think I get lazy about the swim because I already know how to swim, and I am "fast enough", and even on an oceanic Ironman it's only an hour or so of the whole day... so even if I work really hard, I may only slice 5 minutes off my day, so what's the point? In an Olympic race I may shave off a mere 60 seconds - so big deal! 
Whereas, when you look at the run portion of this multisport, I have no fewer than 6 marathons on the calendar (and one's an ultra - a 50 mile trail race called Moose Mountain - lots of craggy, rocky, single-track - AWESOME!!! bring it!!!), so I feel like there's more purpose to getting my speed work, hills and long runs in.
Arghhh - but I can't let Darren win the swim challenge, so I'll be up bright and early tomorrow counting strokes and flip turns. Game on!

Robert updated his FB page yesterday, so here he is (center) in Fort Lewis, WA with a couple buddies. They will be there a few more weeks before mobilizing back to the Middle East.

Ally's been baking him treats and they've been txt-ing. It's so cute. He's like a favorite uncle to them, and a little brother to me, so we miss him a lot. 

On the Coca Cola front (yeah - that's who I've been interviewing with), I had another great day with them yesterday. I can talk openly about it now because as of today I officially pulled my hat out of the ring with the other company(s) I had been talking to. I just didn't have a passion for them, and felt it was wrong not to come clean with that. 

I should hear something one way or the other tomorrow from Coke. I totally believe in their products, I USE their products,  share their philosophy, and embrace their declared "culture". I have a lot to offer them, and I want to be on this team. Even if I am not selected, I still think I did the right thing pulling my name from my back-ups. But I don't have an offer yet, so keep those vibes, karma, and prayers coming!

We are having ANOTHER blizzard right now (what the ???), so I am going to get the kids from school early now - have a great day everybody. 

Anybody want to ski tomorrow? Helen? Denny? You guys back in town??


Guy said...

I can't wait for Moose Mountain; it's going to be a blast!!!

greyhound said...

Was ist das "blizzard?" Ich verstehen sie nicht.

80 degrees here today. ewwww.

Wendy said...

Luck wished, fingers crossed -- and now I'll go get a Coke Zero to work on the whole karma thing!

KC said...

ooh! good luck! i had no idea what all of those code messages were about. i'm a diet coke head, so i'm supportive. ;)

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Can't wait to hear on the job!

Benson said...

good vibes going out to you on getting the job.
I love the fresh snow. My back is little sore from shoveling my driveway...twice.