Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I love peer pressure!!!

Holly, one of my "lifer"s (see Momo's post) and running buddy just called to say she wants to do the Deadwood Trail Marathon on June 3rd. It's in the Black Hills of South Dakota, (!) Thirteen-point-one miles uphill and then 13.1 back down.

Resting place of Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane; real cowboys and real Indians. Close to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

I looked at my newly, actually-written-down training calendar, and that weekend is scheduled as my last long training day before IM Zurich.

So I said, okay, sounds fun.

Anyone else feeling weak to peer pressure? It'll be fun! Come on - how often in your ENTIRE LIFE will you go to South Dakota on a whim?


Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Sounds like fun... but I think it would take me too long to recover from that before Zurich. I'm not superwoman... yet.

Tri-Dummy said...

Do you know how close you'll be to Tri-Dummy? Do you, Miss Jenny?

Only an 7 hour drive.

I had scheduled that early last year, until I decided to do the Topeka Tinman, which is 2 weeks later...and of which I have a FREE ENTRY!

It is actually a totally kick bootay race. You will love it and have fun.

There are a billion fun things to do in that area, not including hunting wild buffalo, defending your wagon against the wild indians, and spray painting a mustache on George Washington.

momo said...

jenny - you are nuts!! i'd be toast after a race like that! next year??

or, like i said before, we could just go to the beach.

Taconite Boy said...

You both inspire me...and worry me.

Kate said...

Sounds so cool!

RunBubbaRun said...

Sounds like fun, in a crazy way.

But your IRonMomJenny, so I would not expect anything else less from you..

jbmmommy said...

I can only imagine a day when I could decide to do a marathon as just another training day. You're really amazing. Enjoy South Dakota.

TJ said...

that would definitely qualify as a long training day. sounds like the scenery will be awesome.
have fun.

tri-mama said...

Can I drive to the top of the hill and run down?

Comm's said...

When you see Top 10 marathons The Black Hills marathon is always firmly there.

Had heard nothing but awesome things about that course.

Fe-lady said...

I have always wanted to go to South Dakota to see the Black Hills. Really. But I think I want to mountain bike there... Sounds fun though!
It's weird, but I just got an e-mail today from their site advertising this event!