Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boston; First outdoor ride

We took the kids to Boston for Spring Break - it was great! Bobby is really into history and it was his choice that we come here for vacation. We saw lots of historic sights and did a lot of walking, Everthing in Boston is close by, but being a city-vacation we did use lots of different kinds of transportation: plane, train, taxi, trolley, ferry, and foot, as Bobby pointed out on the way home.

Below we found Paul Revere's gravesite near Boston Common... perfect place for a family portait. (?)

This is a photo I took in Salem - the architecture is so quaint. We didn't actually meet any witches but the kids thought they saw a ghost at the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Did you know that he changed the spelling of his name? He added the "w" because he was so ashamed of his grandfather (spelled Hathorne) who was one of the judges presiding over the trials that accused (and ultimately put to death) 19 innocent people during the Salem witch trials.

Of course the hotel pool was a hit every night. Here Ally is being a swimming fashionista.
I took this picture below because if I just told you all there was such a place as "Bunghole Liquors" none of you would have believed me:

Below is Bobby by a cannon on the USS Constitution. Amazing that ship is 209 years old and still seaworthy. They still take her out at least once and up to several times a year. Those cannons pull back 4 to 6 feet when they are fired... those sailors really needed to have their sea legs! We saw a few sailors before we boarded for the tour, and we thanked them for serving and the kids wanted to get their picture taken with them. While we were on board, we noticed they too had boarded and were engaged in a ceremony to re-enlist. I am just so grateful for the brave souls who look out for the rest of us. I love America, and being an American, and feel so blessed that only by the grace of God was I simply born here and that was all it took to be entitled to enjoy the freedom we have here, which was and has been ensured by the sacrifice and commitment and conviction of these folks and all who went bravely before them. Made me a little weepy watching them voluntarily re-enlist.

Here is Ally at Paul Revere's house, reading about his historic ride telling of the charge of the British soldiers.

Here we are having dinner in an old Boston restaurant just across the street from Faneuil Hall.
It was a busy and interesting week of history, science, architecture and most importantly: family time.
I did try to train while we were gone, but it just didn't pan out. It only took 3 strokes of the pool before it was time to flip turn, so I lasted all of 5 minutes and gave up. Then I ran on the dreadmill for 3 miles one day. That was it. But I enjoyed the rest time and my life doesn't need to revolve around triathlon. I figured I'd jump back in upon returning. So on Saturday I squeezed in 3 workouts to try and catch up. Today is Sunday, I'm pooped, and I have been drinking water, eating well, and playing with the kids. I am commited to a real, actually planned-and-written down schedule starting tomorrow.

We rode outside on Saturday... finally!! It was about 60 degrees or maybe even warmer. There are eight Zurich IM triathletes in this picture. Taconite Boy is third from the right; Marz_Racer is on the far right; Steve is fourth from right; Cliff is front and center in white jersey; Eric is 5th from left; Terri is 4th from left; I am 3rd from left; Tim is second from left.

Below is an interesting Before-and-After picture: This is why I felt so weak on the 52 mile ride yesterday, well, besides actually BEING weak from not riding as much as I should have been... On the top is my derailleur and chain. It's a little dirty, no? When I pulled that black thing out today it looked like a worm - only it was made of bike grease, salt, and sand -- all held together with hair. Gross!!!!! As we rode along yesterday, I imagine it kept picking up more snow-plow salt and sand from the freshly thawed roads. I kept getting more and more tired and started asking people if I had a flat tire. So it was only HALF my fault that I was slow and getting dropped. Oh, and maybe that I ran 17.1 before the ride. But I toughed it out and was so excited that I didn't quit and go home that I ran another 2 1/2 miles after the ride with Tim and Jesse!

Before; After


Iron Girl Nyhus said...

An actual written down training plan???!!! What!? Let's ride outside this week :)

brendaj said...

I love the historical tidbits. And I cried too when I saw the army boys at Atlanta airport leaving for Iraq.

Cliff said...

Argh...poor bike chain.

I know what u mean when u have to use many kinds of transport on a vacation.

In Hong Kong i walked a lot as well.

tri-mama said...

I'm so bummed I missed you guys Sat-but I can save you with CPR now-does that make eveyone happy? Looks like a great vacation, and now you are all caught up on training. Post something if you are going out riding this week :-) Weds eve?

jbmmommy said...

Glad you had a nice vacation week, Boston's a great city.

I still have to read twice when I see things like running 17.1 BEFORE a 52 mile bike ride. You Iron-people seriously amaze me. Glad you enjoyed the outdoor ride, except the clumpy stuff in the gears part.

Bolder said...

good lookin' family on vacation!

Curly Su said...

holy cow that's some awesome training. wow.

Tri-Dummy said...

That pic of your bike looked GROSS! :)

God Bless America...He already has! What a great country we have and an amazing history.

momo said...

jenny - looks like an awesome family vacation! i love boston, there is so much to see and so much of our country's history there.

sounds to me like you caught right back up on the workouts, girl... :-)

Comm's said...

I am so happy that you had a great vacation in an important (inter)nationally historic place. It was a blessing from God that everything went so well for you from the weather to the travel to the family bonding.

Steve S. said...

Sweet before and after photos!

How ironic: Some people at the Y that I go to call me a "swimming fashionista" too!

TriJack said...

is that durgin park???

marz_racer said...

Great ride on Sat. Way to tough it out. That was a mental breakthrough that will carry you a long ways in your races this year.
Wanna ride outside this week?

TriBoomer said...


Fab vacation pics. Boston is one of my favorite places. So much history and great nightlife too.

Can't wait to see pics from the Black Rose Tavern.

Stay tuned...

Chris said...

I love the pictures of your family. I haven't met them yet, but will have to change that this year!

I'm looking forward to riding with you guys again. The distances all you early (season) birds are doing right now I can't even fathom. I'll try and get out there and up to speed so that I can join you guys soon.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Sounds like you had a good vacation.

I have discovered that it is hard to keep up with training during vacation, despite best intentions!