Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Earning money for being a "team" player

Bobby earned 4 dollars at his basketball game Monday night. Bob started paying him for interceptions, rebounds and steals (but not baskets).

There's one ball-hog kid on his team that never passes, just dribbles and shoots, whether or not he has a decent shot, or if there is another teammate wide open. He's a one-man show and it drives Bobby nuts. So to make sure Bobby never becomes "that kid", Bob started paying him for "team" play. So now Bobby's not so frustrated, because he's making money out there, even if he almost never gets to make a basket. I thought that was pretty clever - now the game's fun again.

Tuesday's kitchen spin. Much as I love these spin sessions and the parties that follow, I am so ready to be outside. It was more than 45 degrees out today. I may have to bundle up and ride.
Friday we (Laura, Greg, Jeff and I) leave for the Birkie. I've been hoping it gets canceled for lack of snow, but I heard today that they are trucking snow in. (Of all the snow they got in Colorado and New England; Wisconsin and Minnesota really got skipped over. So the race is still on... Laura and I will be wearing matching outfits, so even though we suck we will look hot. ;-)


RunBubbaRun said...

good luck at the "Birkie". I'm sure you will do fine.

Just hide some beer in a backpack during the race..

jbmmommy said...

I'm sure you will look hot, and you so do NOT suck. Even if you're not the fastest skiers, you'll be out there- most people will be home on their couches.

Nice strategy for getting your son to enjoy team play. Those ball hogs are always annoying.

marz_racer said...

Good luck this weekend!!!

By the way, I rode outside on Wednesday. First ride on my new bike. Yee haw!!!

TJ said...

enjoy your race this weekend.
i'll be riding outside saturday afternoon....72degrees. :)

Tri-Dummy said...

I can relate to the weather...we have been slammed w/soooo much snow. This week it's been melting off; however, we're getting more this weekend! YUCK!!!!

Have fun this weekend!

Tell Bobby, "GOOD JOB!"

rice said...

Thanks for droping by.. I look forward to keeping in touch..



Laurie said...

Good luck at the Birkie! Smile and think about your hawt matching outfits and you will have tons of fun.

Brian said...

Whadaya mean to cold to bike,,,its 80 degrees here in Florida ;)

IM Able said...

Love the creative parenting!! Love it!