Saturday, December 23, 2006

Snowy Trails to you

This morning about 15 of us ran 2 hours 10 minutes on wooded trails. It was beautiful!!! It was such a great way to wake up. Much as I love lounging around in the morning, enjoying the smell of coffee brewing, it still can't top running through the woods with my friends listening to the snow crunching under our feet. After you get home, the coffee tastes really, really good. Better, even.

I must admit I am a bit sore now, though! We probably ran 13 miles, about twice as far as I have run since IMFL. So I will admit there must be a fine line between under-training and too-little training. My joints were even getting a little ache-y the last couple miles and that rarely happens. Anyway, it was beautiful out there.

Today I need to buy the last one or two gifts that I have been putting off. My step-daughter got married this summer and I haven't bought anything for her husband, Ryan. He's a pilot about to get laid off, so he's in law school now, hoping to have something to do when the inevitable happens. It's a shame that he was only able to live his childhood dream of being a pilot for a few years. Back in the old days it was a glamorous, high-paying job. Now it's kind of like being a union bus-driver; the only difference being that you're in the air and not on the road. His salary kept getting cut, and now his hours, too, so it was wise of him to get Plan B underway before he's completely jobless.
So much for all those union dues. I'm not a big fan of unions. Kind of think they had their purpose and their day, and now they are just extorting money from the last certain workers that still have any faith in them... anyway - another topic another day. Today I need to figure out what to get for Ryan for Christmas.
Bob's meeting with some buyers today so I can't make him do it. Is a shirt lame? What about a portable GPS? I think that would be fun to have. Marnie (my stepdaughter) wanted walking shoes, so we got her those along with some stylish layering outdoor wear. Maybe Ryan would like to join her on her walks and he can tell her how fast and far they are going? Am I grasping at straws? He is so hard to shop for!


tri-mama said...

I think a gps is a great idea!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful run today. :)

My husband was really hard to shop for this year too. He really didn't give me any ideas, so I had to get creative. He really likes Tiramusu, So one of the things he's getting is a basket with the makings for his favorite desert along with a recipe. Hopefully he'll appreciate the thought more than the gift itself. :)


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I'm not even sure that made guess my point was that if you can think of anything that your step-daughter's husband likes hopefully he'll appreciate the thought.

TriBoomer said...

Take it comming from a guy. Guys love gadgets and a GPS is one of the hottest gizmos out there. Also, I think pilots are gadget heads to the core. Go with the GPS.

Good run this morning.

Stay tuned...

TriJack said...

hmmm... a shirt... or a port gps... now what kinda decision is that!!?! i think your run in the snow got ya a wee bit hypothermic... ;) GPS!!

ironjenny said...

Okay - I got the Garmin 205 for Ryan. But now Bob wants me to give that to HIM. I can't win! Arghhhh!
(Bob'll get his own at the after-Christmas sale. Problem solved).

Thanks for the input, everybody. And Lisa - that is a good idea too - a "thought" gift -- last year I got him a folding leather frame with an assortment of pictures of him with Marnie, and him with my kids already in it and he loved it. It's still displayed in his living room.

Ridinfences said...

Your run sounded awesome! I am sure he will love the GPS. Now your husband wants one? How funny...Have a great Christmas with your family-by the way how is your training going for your ski competition?

brendaj said...

Any guy will love a definitely didn't go wrong there.