Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where's the snow?

Mid November in Minnesota and not a spec of snow, so I have to get my kids to ride their bikes with me around the neighborhood while I rollerski. It gets dark here by 5pm, so either we do homework OR we go around the block with mom. My hubba got home from deep-sea-fishing this evening so I got him to do their homework.
I am eager for the snow so that I can try out the actual "skiing". I've never done this x/c freestyle thing, so before I go getting confident on the rollerskis, maybe I should find out if they relate/ translate to skiing. The Birkebeiner is only fourteen weeks away. Does anybody know how may miles 51 kilometers is, anyway? Should I be concerned?


Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

love the blog.

CT said...

51 km is ....i think about 30 miles..

roller skis. Cool I never seen that before.

CT said...

So you are the infamous IronJenny..

right u did IMFL with Bold as well..

Congrats finishing and winning the award.

Comm's said...

hey there is snow in Phoenix. I mean...well...I had that frosty freezer burn tiny icicle stuff on some left over ice in my freezer.

Not too worry it melted all the same in my glass of vodka and orange juice.

I did actully put a undershirt on underneath my work shirt today. its starting to get cold here. BRRRR

ironjenny said...

Thanks, Comm! could you box that up and ship it on over? I bet if I got all of blogland to do that we'd be covered! (in snow) - ha ha