Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Thousand Gifts, pg 4

151). Snowshoe-ing with the kids and having Bobby say no less than three times, "I love this!"
152). Christmas carols.
153). Seeing an owl with a 6-foot wingspan flying through the trees (how can they DO that?) after hearing him half an hour earlier, but now knowing where he was until he took off flying above us.
154). Painting supplies.
155). Coffee with Baileys in it.
156). Salted nut roll bars.
157). Pants that still fit during the holidays.
158). Getting juicy sweet oranges during the winter cause somebody brings them all the way from the southern hemisphere for us to enjoy them up here in Minnesota in December.
159). Swimming in the same lane with my kids yesterday for a 1+ hour workout cause we're all about  the same speed now.
160). Realizing that Bobby was sand-bagging the whole workout just to be with me. The last 50 yards he pulled ahead and started racing me, and in only 50 yards, beat me by more than two full body lengths. What the...?! When did THAT happen!? ;-) I was really gunning it, too!
161). Ally's fashion sense.
162). Watching Guy make his own Christmas bows. They are beautiful and so full and fluffy!
163). Comfortable yet stylish boots.
164). The sound of my kids laughter.
165). Thinking about Jesus, as a man, living among his peers 2000 years ago. He had friends, a job, got blisters when he outgrew his sandals, and surely smashed his thumb a few times with a hammer at work. But He was special. He was the Son of our God. Immanuel, God with us. How amazing it must have been to know him.
166). Knowing Him anyway, 2000 years later, even though I can't actually see Him. I feel Him like He really is here.
161). Neosporin and bandaids.
162).  Gazing as a stranger's 16 month old baby at Dunn Bros and remembering my kids being that age like it was just yesterday.
163). 3-D movies
164). Watching little kids at the mall today as they met Father Christmas who was milling around, talking to the kids and handing our trinkets.
165). Writing my own notes from Santa to my kids when they were little, and they were so certain Santa had written them.
166). Not having to "be" Santa anymore, and have to wait up on Christmas Eve until the kids went to sleep, and then start putting toys together from 11:00 to 2:00 am.
167). Electric toasters.
168). Still being able to smell my fabric softener even after wearing an outfit all day long.
169). The contrast of white snow and black, leafless tree trunks and branches.
170). Brave men and women who keep the rest of us safe: police officers, firefighters, military personnel.
171). Pine and holly Christmas decorations that smell like the real thing.
172). Down blankets.
173). The unseen guys who plow the roads before I go to work.
174). The energetic feeling I get when I walk into Lifetime, even before I step on the treadmill or sit at a machine.
175). Actually appreciating climatic seasons we have here. Even the sub-zero days and 90+ degree days have their purpose. I may complain at the extremes, but I am nonetheless amazed by the gift.
176). The feel of breeze on my face.
177). Popcorn with real butter and parmesan cheese sprinkled on it.
178). Going to bed early, so I can chill with a Sudoku puzzle before I turn the light out.
179). Being comfortable enough in my head and my heart to sleep soundly.
180). Watching street performers do crazy tricks. For a living.


PoorAxl said...

Hi Jenny,
I wonder how are you able to think of all those things? It ia amazing!

Thanks for that,

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

Hi Ales!
It's easy.Just sit at your laptop, look around, listen, and they just rattle off your keyboard. It is the coolest thing. You should do it - it's fun and it makes you feel so amazingly blessed. Hope you are well and have a lovely Christmas!