Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thousand Gifts, page 2

51). Reading the things Bobby and Ally just wrote down when I asked them to write 10 things they were thankful for. Bobby wrote 11 and Ally couldn't stop 'til she hit 37.  Which was "make-up.":-)
52). The smell of roasting turkey in the oven, all basted with aromatic herbs that Guy stuffed it with.
53). Living someplace where it goes unnoticed when you end sentences with prepositions.
54). My daughter's sweet hand on my back as I type this.
55). The enormous complexity of my eyeballs, and that they WORK. God, sheesh, how did you DO that??!!
56). Thinking about my 10th grade English teacher, Joan Howard, and how I still think of her almost every week.
57). Kim Basala and how she is so love-filled and fun. A smile from her sweet face can heal all wounds.
58). A selection of climate-appropriate clothes that I can select from each day.
59). Hobbies, like:
60). Sewing
61). ...painting,
62). ...running,
63). ...mountain biking,
64). ...tri-biking,
65). ...swimming in lakes with my son (Ally will probably join in this summer)
66). and canoeing with my kids
67). Fresh, clean sheets
68). Watching Guy smile at me without actually moving his mouth.
69). Listening to the leaves rustle on the quaking aspens in the back yard
70). French Park, Wild Meadows, and Baker Park trails.
71). The "block" button on Facebook so you don't even have to know if the mean people are still talking about you! Even though they haven't spoken to you personally in over a year.
72). The person who invented those wooden blinds where you just have to pull that string and they go up, or down, evenly! and you can lock them them in any position.
73). Automobiles
74). Fax machines were awesome when they came out, but now we can just...
75). Scan things! Like pictures and documents
76). Just how incredibly smart, smart phones are.
77). Bill Gates
78). black tinted mulch
79). gas powered lawn mowers
80). The sweet sound of Guy's greeting, as he just walked into the kitchen where I am sitting and said, "Hi, Honey."
81). Bibles with tabs or cut-outs so you know where the chapters are.
82). New International Version.
83). The tiny little taste I just had of Guy's homemade orange-zested cranberry sauce.
84). That he made enough to put on turkey sandwiches for the next few days. It is seriously de-LISH.
85). Pretty fabric
86). Being blessed with straight teeth.
87). Seeing that my kids got my teeth.
88). Minty toothpaste
89). smart wool socks
90). tinted windows (like in your car) on my house so that the rooms don't get too hot, and the furniture doesn't fade
90). Sneaking into Guy's sock drawer, trying on the engagement ring he's getting ready to give me, and not getting in trouble when I get caught. (hey! get outa there!!)
91). Being certain about saying, "yes."
92). Not having to work today - just spin, cook, relax with family, sip at a glass of chardonnay
93). Keeping an orchid alive.
94). The Chronicles of Narnia
95). When they have pickled beets on the salad bar.
96). Spinach
97). Blue cheese
98). Popcorn with butter
99). KTIS ministry radio.
100). Peace in my life.

Oh, my gosh! This is so fun! THERE IS TREASURE AND GIFTS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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