Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009

Gorgeous weekend here in Minneapolis. 

Yesterday it was way too cool and breezy to bike .... OK, "gusty" and 29 degree windchill, so we switched the bike and the run and that was a great choice. So Saturday, my running partner Guy and I drove over to Afton Ski Area to run 19.5 miles of trails. It was beautiful! Especially the single-track snowshoeing trails. Had to check for ticks when I got home, but small price to pay for running smack dab in the middle of nature. ;-) Now I know why Carrie always gets out on the trails - it's a completely separate sport from road running.
And while I find it much more difficult than road running, I am definitely getting better. Yesterday I felt 100% more confident than I did last week, so that is good.

I am also back in the pool - honestly! It's been almost three months since my last swim. But I went on Thursday for 33 minutes, and today for 40 minutes. I feel a little awkward, but it'll come back.

Today it was 60 degrees and clear with mild winds, so we rode 72 miles. We were joined by Julie and Cathy (who is between me and Jen L, below): 

....who both raced the Gear West Duathlon this morning... they did great!! Julie came in 6th place overall, and Cathy WON! She and Marlo were in a foot race to the finish, and Cathy just out-chipped her... by .001 seconds. Seriously! I'm so happy for both of you! Way to go. 

So AFTER their race, they joined us for about 25 miles of our ride. We were a pack of fourteen at the start, and 5 at the 72 mile mark (where I bailed.) Then Jen and Erik went ahead and did the last 28 miles for an even 100. Good job everybody!!

(Below are Julie, Jen and Erik)

Between playing with the kids, helping Ally sew a dress, running trails, swimming laps, biking, doing chores, going to church, having a nice dinner at the country club and sleeping, the weekend flew by. It always does.

Have a good one everybody.



Cy said...

I'm so happy I finally made a Jenny Post... I need to come to the West side more often!

It was wonderful to see you-CHEERS :-)

Ironjen007 said...

Thanks for the great ride yesterday! It was so much fun hanging with're awesome!!

Beth said...

So glad that you had a great weekend. We need more weekends with that kind of weather. Have a great week!

PoorAxl said...

Very nice pictures. I like a forest trails a lot as well.

TRI-ROB said...

Ahhhhhhh... life!!!!! YAY!


brendaj said...

Now that I've ridden on trails I can appreciate the beauty of your photos!

Nat said...

Good luck this weekend! Are you doing TC Marathon this fall?

Jennifer said...

Those trails looked awesome

Beth said...

Jenny, your blog misses you and so do we! :)