Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Omigosh that was GREAT.

It's been a long time.
A really long time.
Too long.
Months, I am sure.

Which is kind of sad, but around here it just is what it is.
But I'm back... WE are back!

Tonight it was so powerful and thrilling that I was absolutely spent. 
The kind of spent where you just collapse, panting, flushed. Thighs quivering. Definitely glowing. And you just can't get that grin off your face, no matter how hard you try!

Kevin, Terri and me. 

Working it in such perfect rhythm that we didn't even have to talk to each other; we just knew when to speed up and slow down; when to lead and when to follow. 

After an hour and a half we were ecstatic to finish up. 
Because everybody knows it's more fun when you finish at the same time.


OK, you can get your heads out of the gutter, you perverts. ;-)

It was our first hard outdoor bike ride! I missed you guys and it's so great to be "back in the saddle" with you again. We averaged 20 mph on the rolling hills, and it's only our first real day out that wasn't just a leisure ride.  

It was aMAzing


Sara Cox Landolt said...

I was just checking out your playlist. My 1st grader and I love Lose Your Soul, great song.

GOTRIbal has a discussion on playlists, maybe you'd want to add yours or check it out.

Yep, get the power of a good workout. So much fun!

Beth said...

Adorable picture of the three of you. You all look so happy! So glad you are back outside on the bike and had a great time.

Fe-lady said...

wow....ain't it great to ride outside!

Nat said...

I was wondering how it went! Glad you had a great ride! Awesome job on the pace too! Woah! Say did you see the runner's world video on Hall? If not, check out simon whitfield's blog (or runner's world)...very great video on why he runs. I think you'd enjoy it.

brendaj said...

Per your last post, can you train me for my next marathon someday?? And I showed the pic of your "woods" to my hubby (sitting right here, working on taxes) and he's quite jealous.