Saturday, March 21, 2009


IronNick, UltraGuy and I did a nice 17 miler this morning - resting up for next weekend's 20 miler. It was beautiful out today - just a touch of frost on the ground when we started at 7:00, and definitely over 35 degrees by the time we finished. Here are our splits:

1- 9:58
2 - 9:38
3 - 9:33
4 - 9:32
5 - 9:19
6 - 9:17
7 - 9:20
8 - 9:53
9 - 10:21
10 - 9:43
11 - 10:15
12 - 9:50
13 - 9:46
14 - 9:37
15 - 10:20
16 - 12:01
17 - 10:34

Our splits were very steady, but we did take a couple of breaks to stretch UltraGuy's ache-y butt. Well, he calls it his paraformis (or pair-of-aces?) but it still just means ache-y butt to me. I think he was just trying to impress Nick and me with his knowledge of Latin in the early, early hours of dawn. ;-) But anyway, he's got lots of ultra stuff on his race calendar and there is no gain in inflaming that nerve or muscle early in the season. I hope you feel better buddy - Holly and I are counting on you getting us up Moose Mountain for our own first ultras later this season, so take care of your butt!

The kids and Bob and I are now heading over to Dia and Jen's house for a tri club party - I'll bring my camera. I will post some pics, and hopefully get some cookies made to send to Robert along with another group card. We all miss you so much, friend! Thirty six days down, only 329 to go. I hope you know we are thinking of you everyday.


kt said...

Piriformis, achey butt, same thing! LOL. Hope he feels better. Nice run!

Beth said...

I can empathize with the achey-butt. Glad you guys had a great run. Hope you took some pictures on your bike ride on Sunday! It was great having two nice days in a row- I hope it lasts!

Borsch said...

Those are some pretty solid splits! Especially for Mr Ultra and his achy butt!

Can't wait to see pics of the party!

brendaj said...

Ha ha...I get achy butt when running hard hill intervals. Glad your new job is off to a good start!

TRI-ROB said...

*singing* "Don't break my butt, my achey breaky butt... "
You know... ala Billy Ray Sirus?