Tuesday, March 03, 2009


What motivates you? Sometimes it's a friendly challenge. Not that anybody could ever accuse me of smack-talkin' my teammates, but Darren Olsen there's no way, no WAY you can beat me on the swim contest. Better luck tomorrow catching up, dude. I put in 3100 yards today of quality... and I mean QUALITY strokes. My face was read for at least two hours afterward. See you at the spin tonight. That'll be me in the front row. As in, just ahead of you. ;-)

Sometimes we are motivated by music. Below is my latest Running Music Playlist. It is about an hour long. Feel free to download all or part of it - but if you load up the whole list, I promise these tunes will have you rocking your cadence and posting splits that are spot on. Plus, I personally guarantee that you will feel like a million bucks afterward. 


1 - Since U Been Gone -- Kelly Clarkson
2 - Something Beautiful -- Newsboys
3 -  In Wonder -- Newsboys
4 - The Mission -- Newsboys
5 - I am Free -- Newsboys (THE best running song ever recorded, BTW)
6 - Give you Glory -- Jeremy Camp
7 - Made to Love -- tobyMac
8 - I'm for You -- tobyMac
9 - Ignition -- tobyMac (place this song where you need to really be jump-started)
10 - Gone -- Kelly Clarkson
11 - Coming up to Breathe -- Mercy Me
12 - Behind these hazel eyes -- Kelly Clarkson
13 - Your Love is Better than Life -- Newsboys
14 - Testify to Love -- Avalon
15 - Keep on Shinin' - Third Day
16 -- Lose My Soul -- tobyMac


Beth said...

I'll try some of these out. Thanks for the suggestions!

Nat said...

WIll have to check out that playlist! Sending you good vibes this week for Coke! Say, where can I find out more about FCA?

Greyt Times said...

It isn't a good running song, but I recently heard the new one by (cough) Miley Cyrus (cough cough) called The Climb. Very motivational if you are feeling a sense of "why do I even do this??" (I'm not a Miley fan, but do enjoy this song.)

untpawgal02 said...

Motivation is the key!

Kona Shelley said...

Great list!