Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ski Season begins!

Yesterday I initiated ski season with a 30 minute ski on the rollers (no snow yet). Ally came along on her rollerblades.
I didn't ski at all last season due to the heart condition, but since it's not going away (and I can still run, bike and swim), I plan to ski this year.
Didn't fall, so at least I know I can still stand on them.

Laura - you want to go to Baker Park tomorrow after B/S at Shannon's?

Below is Bobby getting in a cold weather trail run/treasure hunt this week. As many of you know we switched schools this year, and I have to say it was the best thing we could have done. Last year Bobby rarely had less than 4 hours of homework, and this year he has had about one hour. Maybe a bit more on occasion, and sometimes a bit less. But he plays after school now. Really! Who knew! He enjoys the trails, he plays his Wii, he goes to friends' houses, he sits by the fire-pit with us.... he even stopped biting his fingernails. He made A's at the old school, and makes A's at the new school. But he loves his teachers and his classmates, and he's just so happy now.

Here he is showing off his loot - an old whiskey bottle that he pulled out of the stream (it still had something stinky in it - hopefully that was whiskey ;-)), a rock with cool dual colored moss on it, and a few sword-worthy sticks. We were out there until after sunset. Life is Good.


stronger said...

I don't have any professional training, but it seems to me that kids learn more about themselves exploring until sundown than coming home from school doing homework until bedtime. Good Choice!

UntPawGal02 said...

At least you didn't fall down hwile skiing :)

CoachLiz said...

It is good when kids have fun discovering the world around them.

Tri Mom said...

After school play time is the best! Glad that the kids are loving school this year. Isn't it so much easier when you can see their happiness with school then deal with all the other grub? Ski season is upon us for sure. They are grooming the xc trails at ABR, and started making snow this week at Granite Peak for our downhill skiing! FINALLY!! Hugs to all!

Cy said...

I'm looking forward to skiing with you guys this winter.

I won an entry to the City of the Lakes Loppet...Not sure what I'll do with that??!!

PS-I was so impressed with Bobby during the FCA Huddle. What a Gem!! Keep up the great job Mom.