Saturday, November 01, 2008

IM Florida

Julie Hull - you are doing AWESOME!!!! What an amazing bike split and your first leg of the run is smokin'!
Terri - wow - isn't IM fun when you don't have a herniated disk? It must be like a whole other experience!  Keep up your strength on the run and I will win the predicted finish time!
Erin - you're doing it!!! Can I call you IronErin yet? I hope you have your phone in your bag at the finish because I will be ringing it until you pick up!!!!
Shelley - looking good!!! You are a pro. But what is the deal with listing Accountant as your occupation? Veterans are supposed to be funny things - like Nascar Wife, or Leaf Raker, or MultiTasker... ;-)
Tim - I wish I were there to high five you on the run - you will do a great time!
Lana - Holy Smokes! Great swim. Great Bike. STill checking on your run, but you are clobbering the course!
Michelle - wow! Twenty-plus mph on your second split of the bike... and a strong swim - and you're makin' me proud with that T2 --- can't wait til you post a run split.

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Michele said...

wish you were here!!! :(
thank you for all your support. i thought of you offen and your comment to Lana about Jesus loving ironmans. I spent a lot of time talking with god and thinking of how i have been so blessed.
thanks for tracking me. it was know I had people out there that made me smile with every mat I crossed.