Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vineman Report


P and me on our practice ride.
Korbel champagne maker!

Getting ready for our wave to start.
On the bike course -- Hop Kiln winery - Bob and I went here on our honeymoon 13 years ago!

We met a really nice girl named Linda Barrett who actually raced on Lance Armstrongs wheels. Say what you want about pro cycling - I still love Lance!

The only proper way to acknowledge Lance's wheels.

Post race transition clean-up.

As you probably know Vineman was a gorgeous and perfect day! 21st Century Mom did awesome! Goal was "under 7" and she came in at 6:55 - perfect!
Here's the play-by-play:

Swim: 34:38
T1: 12:58
Bike: 3:38:53
T2: 5:18
Run: 2:23:44
Total: 6:55:33

It was a gorgeous day and if you read P's blog, you know that when we got to the Russian river, our suits not both zipped up yet, and our wave was wading into the water! You can either see that as perfect timing or extremely unsettling! But we got in just fine and still had time to wait for our wave's whistle to blow. This was only my third time in the water (at all) since school let out in June. My normal swim time for a half IM is 33 minutes, so I was only a minute slower which means I am right that "training is overrated"!

P got out of the swim after a bit and we took off on the bike. It was pleasant and cloudy and let me tell you the course was beautiful. Small country roads through wine country - past Korbel and Hop Kiln and so many other great winemakers. The bike course is mostly flat - a few very small rollers - just enough to keep it scenic - not enough to slow you down. We'd heard about the Chalk Hill hill, but were almost up to the peak of it when we realized "oh, I bet this was the famed Chalk Hill" but it was over in about 20 more seconds. A total non-event. So if you are looking for a fast fun SCENIC bike course, this is it. So fast that we saw several hot-doggers with bloody arms and knees on the run course! It's fast, but there are a lot of tight turns.

T2 was slowed down by me because I somehow lost my race bib in transition and had to get another number so that I wasn't pulled later as a bandit. Sorry P!

The run was pleasant and cool and mostly flat - a few small rollers - just enough to keep your legs fresh. We went at a comfortable 10 minute pace, and added about a minute of stops per mile (aid stations, bathroom, feeding Clif Bars to little goats on cute little farms). Speaking of aid stations, there were 14 stations on this 13 mile course (7 on the out-and-back) and they were stocked with goodies and the best volunteers you could ever meet. I love wine-people.

With 66 minutes left before the goal 7-hour mark, we had about 5 miles left, so we knew we were there, we just had to stick with it.

P was a trooper as her knee was starting to speak to her a little with 3 miles to go, but she focused on distant objects, got there and then focused on the next object. We all talk about the Mental Game, and here was P's opportunity to get to play it! So it was totally worth training for! Lucky girl!!

We crossed the finish line together (okay - I beat her by .4 seconds ;-)), and hopefully when the official pictures are loaded we will have a photo together. We had our matching outfits on (hats, too) so he may have caught us both. go to They are not up as of yet, but should be soon.

P's number is 819 (mine was 745 but I lost it and I unfortunately tossed the one they replaced it with so I don't know that number that I wore on the run course) so I may have to scour the pics for my finish photo. But it was a beautiful day.

We stayed the last night back at P's ADORABLE house in Walnut Creek, had wine and cheese for dinner, and then it was homeward bound in the morning.

I am so proud of you, P! You have really done well in this sport and I hope you decide to try the full one next. Just. show. up. You are already ready. Trust me! Just go a teeny bit easier and you will see that the day just goes by. You'll still have plenty of spare time for flats or naps. I think you should show up race day for the full next month. DO IT!!!!! Can you imagine how great a memory that will be to look back on? (...."Once time I just showed up at an Ironman with my bike and raced it"...) And what a relief to have that goal behind you? Go now before you talk yourself out of it... ;-)

I got home in the afternoon, and Bobby had left that morning for camp, so I didn't get to see him off, which means Bob packed for him. Hopefully he has everything he needs! I will see him on the 26th when he returns. I miss you Bobby!

Ally had her Junior Champs meet yesterday. It's the season-ending meet for all the kids who didn't qualify for the Championships. It's a lot of fun and they give out ribbons for every heat. So Ally got two firsts, one second, and one third in her events. She had a bast! She's totally the kind of kid who likes the everyone's-a-winner policy they have at this meet. ;-)

Ally with her friend Sloan.

Bobby had qualified in 4 events for the big meet, but would never miss camp for that. He loves camp. He never gets homesick, but when he's at home he most definitely does get "campsick". He talked about it all year. It's a co-ed Christian camp and you all already know how he embraces his faith. He still wants to be in a Christian rock band when he grows up - it's the only music he listens to - and they play guitar and sing around the campfire everynight. Anyway, it's on a lake and they swim, rope-swing, go sailing, jump on this gigantic flotation toy that when you jump off a structure onto one side of it, it shoots your friend out the tube on the other end up into the air and back into the lake. Looks like a total blast. He especially liked the archery and the night games last year (he also was really excited to tell me that a couple boys from his cabin came forward and chose to dedicate their lives to Christ last summer which he thought was totally awesome), and I can't wait to hear his stories from this year.

This weekend is the Chisago half Ironman! TriMom is coming from Wisconsin, and will be staying at my house... so I'll have another race report next week.


21stCenturyMom said...

Yay! Pictures!! Can you tell I've been checking your blog obessively??

Thanks for the lovely report. I am still floating on air and my cold is almost gone.

Not sure about the full. I might want to do one I actually trained for - we'll see!


jbmmommy said...

Congratulations to both of you. I love reading your reports because it sounds like you're enjoying yourself in everything you do. That's so much fun to read. Sounds like a fun summer for the kids- enjoy Chisago.

Spokane Al said...

Congratulations to the both of you on a great, enjoyable race. And swimming 34 minutes for a half IM after only swimming three times since June? - it just ain't right!

P.S. I am with you 100% on Lance. I really miss him on the Tour.

trinick67 said...

Good job coach! Cool picts, especially of the one of P. drafting off you on the bike.

Borsch said...

Great pics and race report! Good luck next week!

I love the lance wheels!

Cliff said...

Iron Jenny,

Wow, you swim fast. Congrats on getting a 70.3 done. I really enjoy the pictures.

Looks like u and P went to the race start just in time.

TrainingtoTri said...

Training is overrated! I love it. Great report.

Fe-lady said...

Thanks for the pix and the play by play!

"Training is overrated!"- I think I will adopt that mantra! :-)

Sloan is a cool name.

Glad your kids love camp..I could never get mine to go, and it wasn't even for overnite!

Best of luck at the race this weekend!

Jumper 2.0 said...

but, but, but,

I love training.

Of course, I don't have the endurance right now, so I have to train. But still, I do take your mantra to heart as far as not taking myself too seriously.

Vineman looks like a lot of fun. Definitely on my to do list.

Tri Mom said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!
We are bound to have a good time!

21stCenturyMom said...

I love that first picture. Please tell Nick I was not drafting - I was posing!

Have a great race at Chisago this weekend. You should be in perfect Half Iron condition!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice report! And I'd kiss those wheels too...

I'll see you out there tomorrow!!!!

GOOD LUCK!! (you won't need any!!)

Pharmie said...

Good luck at Chisago tomorrow! Sorry I won't be there (work). It's the first year I'll miss it, but Steve will still be there. Look for him in some crazy outfit. I think I've totally adopted your training is overrated mantra. We'll see how it works for me next weekend :)

Bigun said...

Those wheels will be collector's items and be worth a bazillian dollars...oh, right, they already are a bazillian dollars...

Way to "race-with" - hope you didn't distract her too much with your chants of "slingshot-engaged" or "shake - and bake!" along the way!

brendaj said...

Great job! It's really beautiful out there. and looks like you guys had fun doing it. Aren't you glad the weather wasn't 90-some degrees??

Joe Bobby said...

But 'no' to Ragnar? In the spirit of the Tour de Freedom: Les Booooo, mama!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice seeing you out there today!!! GREAT JOB again!!! Can't wait for your report...

Fe-lady said...

Congrats on your fast race and second place in AG!

Steve Stenzel said...

P.S. I remember why Erin looked so familiar to me - you, Erin, Laura, and Sarah (Pharmie) were all in a photo at the start of the Winter Carnival Half Marathon!

Supalinds said...

Fantastic race!! Love the pics!

Lana said...

I'm way behind, but congrats on a great race!! One of these days I'm going to try just chilling at a race like you do. One of these days!