Saturday, July 12, 2008

Assorted Catch-Up blog

It was about 60 degrees on Wednesday and Susan, Shannon and I headed out for a run. It was so perfect! I hope it is JUST LIKE THIS for Twin Cities Marathon. It's Shannon's first one, so hopefully it will be so pleasant and cool and lightly cloudy just like today.

Anyway, I did 15 miles at a comfortable 10:15 pace. I did have to stop at home for a bathroom break, and I stopped to fill up my bottles in people's sprinklers, but the pace was comfortable and my avg HR was 134.

Almost none. Two or three lake swims this summer and zero pool swims. Just can't get into swimming. Don't know why. Has this happened to any of you?

Love to bike. Erin and I and a few others have been biking early, like 6am - and getting in a three hour ride before our kids get up. I love to bike. I still have my eye on a new Specialized Transition Pro, but lack the money now. Maybe I'll have a new ride in the fall. Otherwise, I do still like the feel of my old clunker and I am fast enough on it. 

The Canadian Triathlon Olympic Team members biked with us on our ride last night: Simon Whitfield, Paul Tichelaar, and Colin Jenkins. They were still in town from the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon last weekend, and joined Gear West on our weekly ride of about 25 miles or so. They were awesome! so engaging and fun and they were really enjoying Minneapolis, and so excited for Beijing. They were riding along in our group of about 40 and chatting us all up. At one point Paul pulled past and ahead, so Eric and I chased him down. I rang the bell on my bike (I really do have one) and told him that there was no budging in the line. He laughed and said I had permission to write in my blog that he was drafting off me all night, and I had to pull him because his legs were weak and he was sweating. I can't wait to watch them in the Olympics on the 19th - that's the day of their race. Paul said he was going to win it, so you have to tune in!

Olympic Team members Simon Whitfield, Paul Tichelaar, and Colin Jenkins with Eric (third)

Me with Simon Whitfield - winner of the Lifetime Fitness Tri last weekend and Olympic gold medal in 2000.

Ally slept over at Erin's house with her girls they are really such sweet girls. Ally had a blast. Bobby did a 40 minute lake swim with me and my friend Jeanne and her daughter, Margaret. I was so proud! It was a filthy lake with zero visibility and neither the depth nor the mill-foil freaked him out. Forty minutes! Wow!

I never did blog about CdA IM! We didn't have internet service at the house we rented, and then I flew up to Seattle, met my family, and headed to an island which didn't have internet (or phone!) service on most of it. So by the time I got home (plus I had surgery the day after I got back), I was swamped with laundry and unpacking and the general warp speed that my house runs on and I never got around to it. By then, everyone had written such great stories and posted such great pictures that I really had nothing new to report! But, trust me, it was such a blast and everyone did awesome. I got to meet some more bloggers, and hook up with some of my old faves.

I'm going to California this tomorrow to do Vineman Half Iron with 21st Century Mom - who called the other day to let me know that it was 105 degrees and there was smoke in the air. Hmmmmm. Should this change into a girls-weekend-at-the-mudbath-spas-in-Healdsburg? I could be talked into that!


21stCenturyMom said...

It's beautiful now - clear air and cool temps. We are going to rock that gorgeous course and have a fabulous time!

stronger said...

Have a fun race. Only Jenny could have surgery and then race weeks later(??!)

Jumper 2.0 said...

That is so cool, riding with the Canadian team.

I wish there was a Gear East :-(

It's just too far to drive (all the time) and Now Bikes and Fitness is treating me pretty well. I might join their club next year?

I'll send you an email, I made reservations in Madison.

greyhound said...

Bobby is a little stud. Dude could probably drop me if he wanted to.

Steve Stenzel said...

It's hard to get reacquainted with the pool.

And have fun in Cali!!!

Cy said...

Thanks for the update!!

Have a super time in CA, whether you race or do the spa thing...I vote for both :-)

Borsch said...

Have a great race!

P.S. I'm a 58 if you want to buy me a Transition Pro also....I'll wait until fall.

TRI-ROB said...

HEY! Don't you DARE mud-bath instead of race!

Who cares about Simon... I was too busy lookin at the hot Momma NEXT to him! What a lucky dude!

Best of luck at Vineman... you can bet I'll be trackin ya!


Fe-lady said...

Best of luck! To 21st too! And the mud bath thing sounds MUCH more fun!

Great workouts, even without the swims!

Fe-lady said...

Best of luck! To 21st too! And the mud bath thing sounds MUCH more fun!

Great workouts, even without the swims!

juliemac said...

great catch up post! sounds like you have been having a great summer!
good job to Bobby- that's pretty amazing!
lets get the kids together before summer is OVER!
Have a great time at Vineman, whatever you decide to do!