Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family vacation

So there was about a foot of fresh snow in Minneapolis when we left. But we're in sunny Kaua'i right now, and it's beautiful! Yesterday the kids ran down to the beach jsut as we arrived - below they are actually putting their feet into an ocean for the first time.

Here the kids are on the beach at sunset near Waimea. Bobby and I ran down this beach for about 30 minutes. Bob and Ally drove the car down and picked us up. Bobby never tires... my little endurance athlete. Who know that the age of nine would mark the time that he can run farther and faster than I.

The temperature calls for more lows of 70, highs of 80 degrees... I went running for about 75 minutes this morning and found a cute church called Kaua'i Christian Fellowship, so I ran in, borrowed a cell phone, and called Bob to bring the kids down. It was a nice service - very casual (which I like). The lead singer in the band didn't even have shoes on, and the pastor wore jeans. But the message was true and beautiful in its sincerity.

We have spotty connection here in our room, but I will try to get some more pics loaded later.

Happy New Year everybody.

Well, we are off to explore the island.....


21stCenturyMom said...

Happy Warm and Toasty New Year to you! Sounds lovely.

Iron Kahuna said...

jenny, some kauai tips:

1. go to kipu falls. (and you HAVE to go off the tree rope).

2. after dark, take the kids to hunt for frogs on the lawn of the Grand Hyatt. don't kill them, just pick them up. it's the favorite thing for our boys to do.

3. go for the hike along the na pali coast. the first leg is about a mile straight up and a mile straight down and you come to a very dangerous but pretty beach. the hike is probably the most beautiful in the world.

4. (from travel guide): Polihale State Park is the reward that lies at the end of a short bumpy, rugged journey, but well worth the trip. Hawaii's longest stretch of golden beach is also a sunbather's paradise. Surrounded by etched cliffs, blue sky, and crashing waves, you could spend a whole day just basking in the beauty.

5. This is the great bargain in the world: a nice golf course, on the ocean, and the green fees are $7. Very family friendly. They rent clubs. Kukulolono Golf Course. Kalaheo. 808-332-9151.

6. In Kalaheo, about 15 mins away from Poipu, Brick Oven Pizza has the best pizza on the island.

7. Our favorite restaurant is this: Casa di Amici:

This restaurant is located on Nalo Road past Brennecke's heading toward the Hyatt. Enjoy grand piano music and great food at this Poipu restaurant. Small and intimate, the food is delightful and portions are large. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood above Po'ipu Beach, this "House of Friends" has live classical piano music on weekends and an outside deck open to sweeping ocean views. Entrées from the internationally eclectic menu include a saffron-vanilla paella risotto made with black tiger prawns, fresh fish, chicken breast, and homemade Italian sausage. Very nice!! They have a good, reasonably priced wine list. Phone: 808-742-1555

6. For more tips (including great jungle hikes), get the tour book, "Kauai Revealed." It's the best. And call me if you want more.


momo said...

merry belated christmas and happy new year, jenny girl! can't wait to see you in january!

Shelley said...

Oh my..have a fantastic trip!! AND Happy New Year!!

Tri Mom said...

Na Pali coast rocks Jenny! I wish I was there. Thank you for the pics! They bring break great memories of warm sun and sandy beaches. Enjoy, and Happy New Years to all of you!