Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No change; a little light entertainment

I don't have any changes to report on my heart condition, although I deeply appreciate how many people are thinking of me and especially grateful for those who are praying for me.
I have appointments on Friday and Monday with two different electrophysiologists, and had my medications (that already make me feel weird) doubled. :-(

The a-fibs I'm not all that worried about ---- apparently those are really common; it's the p.a.c.'s and the v-tachs that I am eager to get fixed like, last week.

The way it was described to me yesterday is that usually you have one "beat leader". Then all the other chambers fire their responses and the blood pumps all around and out to the rest of my body. What I have going on right now is like a revolt against the authority of the "real" beat leader. Now all the other areas of my heart want to be the beat leader and so they are all firing. (I sort of think of the movie Shrek when the donkey yells, "pick me! pick me!") Anyway, the machine - meaning all my parts - all look good (of course!, and thank God), they're just all confused because there is no leader. Meanwhile in all the confusion, my valves are fluttering and leaving behind a bunch of lost-and-wayward blood to pool up in my heart and if it hangs out there long enough I could have a stroke. About the virus, they can only assume it was caused by a virus because it came on so suddenly, but they can't tell me what virus is (or was) without doing an autopsy, and I'd have to be dead for that, so I won't be ordering that test. And if it was a virus, then it may already be gone, but I am just left with the electonic mis-firing afterward. No one will probably ever know.

So if the medications don't "reset" my electonics, then the cardiologist can feed a cable with a weapon on the end of it, up through my groin, and "zap" the places where the revolting beats are trying to initiate. Sounds scary, but I guess it's fairly common. At least I hope he's done it before ;-).

My friends all leave tomorrow for The Colorado Relay, so I am pretty blue that I have to miss that for the first time in about 5 or 6 years. Go Puke-and-Rally! Dread Pirate is on the Runnin' Rebels team, so you should all check back on Sunday to see if they were able to beat us. I predict they will beat us by 5 hours. BUT NOT MORE!! Have fun you guys. I will miss you.

On a lighter note, TriDummy, make that IronTriDummy, is in town, so I accompanied him while he got his M-dot tattoo last night. Poor thing cried like a BABY! I felt so bad for him. He's GOT to be pretty embarrassed. He composed himself once IronTaconite Boy got there, though... You'll have to check his blog for the close-up of the tattoo - I don't want to steal his thunder... it is a really nice one.

Signing in and getting the final drawing done.

Ouch!!! Waaaah!!

IronTac, IronDummy and me showing off our tattoos and ironmuscles.

... for those of you who read all the way to the end of the post, I was only kiddin' about Dummy crying like a baby. tee-hee.;-)


21stCenturyMom said...

4 pm won't come fast enough around here. Isn't it great not to be the only one whose heart is acting like a rebellious teenager? What is the deal???!!!

I'm working on a prayer for you. I'm getting there.

Jumper 2.0 said...

Catheter based internal cardioversion is a very common procedure. They use a catheter up the femoral (leg) artery to reach your heart. It uses a LOT less energy then external cardioversion (which hurts, alot). Even I've done it with the doctor (well, the doctor actually did it of course) a couple of times and I work on the neuro icu, not the heart icu.

Right now you are attempting cardioversion with the medications!

I know, the thought of stroke is really freaky.

Yes, admittedly, with a-fib, the blood pools therefore has the opportunity to clot and thus move up to the brain and cause a stroke. But, This is only a long term risk that I am aware of. I mean, anytime we have afib on our unit the cardiologist are not concerned about it on the short term. If it were to continue you would be started on lovenox or coumadin. However, if it the cardioversion is to be done soon, you would need to be off the anticoagulant for @ 5 days anyway.

When I say that my prayers are with you, I know that you will be OK. My prayers are with you because this is freaky for everybody that loves and cares for you and we all want it to end soon.

Jumper 2.0 said...


I know this is tough to think about now, but it would be cool if you came to Phoenix. I know you were excited to meet momo and other Az'ians. And it would just simply be cool to see you there.

Think about it.

jbmmommy said...

My father had the cardioversion procedure in February, it worked perfectly and his heart is back to normal. His initial problem was A-fib and they never pinpointed a cause, but I hope it all works out the same for you.

Continued thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Funny, using the smaller font at the end to disclaim the crying.

greyhound said...

I knew dummy didn't cry. He's a marine for gosh sake.

Sounds like your heart software is a Microsoft product. Should have gotten a Mac. Now they'll have to control-alt-delete and reboot you.

They're gonna get you sorted out before long and you'll be right as rain. We'll keep praying.

momo said...

just sending you hugs and hugs and hugs and hugs. and prayers and prayers and prayers. xoxoxoxoxoxo.

and i bet he did too cry... just jokin' tri-d!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

5 hrs. Hah! You are hilarious! Last year I think we did it in 28. I think this year we're going for...um...28?

A warm re-boot could be all your ticker needs - hugs and warm thoughts your way - you are in good hands!

Fe-lady said...

You are so cool...going to take pix of tattoos being done with all this other crap going on!
Get that procedure DONE and get back out there...
We are all time bombs-we just don't have all the info lie you are currently getting...
I just KNOW you will be FINE...my gut tells the TRUTH! xoxox

Fe-lady said...

LIKE you are currently getting...

And I love the "RE-BOOT" idea.
Great analogy.
I think I could use one too really...

Wendy said...

Fingers crossed that what I like to call Better Living Through Chemistry does the trick. But if it doesn't, I'm sure Better Living Through Electricity will.

I have faith.

Nat said...

Hi, I read your blog occasionally and thought I should finally comment as I never have...I know, how rude! But, I have had heart issues in the past. They finally diagnosed it as being related to a thyroid problem but I know how frustrating and scary it is! We're all thinking about you!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

continued best wishes and prayers.

sounds kind of like when dogs can't decide who's the pack leader, huh? tell those chambers to get with the program!!

Brent Buckner said...

Thanks for the heart updates and the on-going blogging of life in general.

Fingers crossed; best wishes.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Jenny, I so hope everything gets running right -fast. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. It's always scary when the ticker misses the tock.
lots and lots of hugs from me too!
Dps- I know you are just covering for TriDummy, he cried like a little girl didn't he? come on, you can tell me...

Flatman said...

Ya'll are so awesome!!!

(i'm praying for you!)

T-Storms said...

Holy Crap Jen. I can't even imagine. I continue to pray and hope that "HE" has a plan for you that involves you remaining with us and healthy here on earth.

RunBubbaRun said...

Sounds like the doc is on top of everything.

Tell your heart to get it together, you have stuff to do..

I hope you have room for a UltrRunning Tattoo on those legs as well.

Stay strong..