Sunday, June 17, 2007

TNT Fundraising Goal met!!!

To all of you who helped in the fundraising efforts for Micki Shelp - thank you!!! As of Friday night she met (and surpassed) her goal of raising $10,000 to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. John (her hubba, and our coach and friend) is doing really well - so thank you, thank you for all your prayers (and donations!) ;-)

OK, Micki - bring on Lake Placid!!!!! You have us ALL behind you; we will be with you in Spirit ALL day. Seize the day. xoxoxo

We held a Beer-Tasting party, charging $20 per person admission. We also had a Silent Aucion with some really fun items.

Here is Micki (pink shirt) checking on some of the guests.

Quincy and the pretty peonies that Tif and Mark brought over.

Here are Martin and Lexi chatting up Tanya and Santi.

Jeff, Jill (both coming to Zurich!), and Hannah.

Dawn chats up pro triathletes David Thompson and Dan Cohen.

This race belt (worn by David when he took 6th place at Escape from Alcatraz a couple weeks ago), was one of the items in "David Thompson's Personal Schwag Bag" - a hotly contested item in the Silent Auction which was won by Santi!

Santi with her schwag winnings...

This is me with Jenn Lenarz, whose donation of a 4-hour ride along with her (She's a Deputy Sheriff, SWAT team member AND a super fast triathlete), netted $100.00!

Jill and Hannah bidding on items.

Me with John - serving up boutique-beer samples.

Other items won that night were two pillows made by me (of course), a day with a brew master at a local brewery, original art, sweet T6 cycling jerseys and other gear, goodie bag from Gear West, massages, free coaching, an assortment of wine from Bob's cellar, etc...

It was a really fun night - just being together and getting to meet a lot of our friends' families, kids, and their other friends... and for a really great cause.

Thank you so much, everybody!!!


brendaj said...

Sounds like a great event. I'm glad John is doing well!

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Great pictures! You are REALLY the hostess with the mostess.

TJ said...

looks like a bunch of fun.
glad the goals were met!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

what a fantastic idea!! I have some photos I took of Dave during the 101...I'll look them up and send them to you. Maybe he would like them. They're more candid than what the photo team shot.