Friday, November 24, 2006

A New Tradition

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you.

My perfect Thanksgiving Day went like this: my friends Laura and Greg got up to run the Turkey Trot with me (along with over 8,000 others) around the streets of beautiful Minneapolis. If we had run it as a relay, we could have circled the globe. I am so thankful I live here in Minneapolis. This city is so beautiful, with so many fun things to do, and if you don't really love it there is another one, St. Paul, just across the bridge. Each has its own distinct personality.

On the drive home I received a text from my dear friend Mike (far left), just saying that he was thankful for me. I am thankful for him, too. What a crazy and fun friendship we have had! We've traveled to Vegas, Colorado, Chicago and other neat places for marathons, relays... Once he let me watch while he got 12 stitches in his head (playing basketball in a bar in Chicago). And he was there for me when a dear friendship of mine disolved (over my friend's new girlfriend who didn't like that he had a friend that was a girl - even a happily-married-uber-Christian-totally-square-mom-type like me). It made my day that he thought to text me on Thanksgiving morning.

After the run, Laura and I met Trimama, Taconite Boy, Hyphen Girl, and their dog "A" for coffee. As we left we all voiced that we were thankful for each other, which is just really so nice to hear! I get home and check my email, and there is one from Boomer and his wife! (Thanks!! You, too!)

Then while eating dinner with my wonderful immediate and extended family, I got a similar text from Commodore, (thanks buddy!) and so I just had to sit on the couch for a half-hour, texting my friends, too. At each name as I was scrolling down, I got to think of each person; and each one has brought something important to me. (Trimama, I love this picture of us at the start of Ironman Florida... I found it in my phone yesterday while I was busy texting!) Sorry I didn't go people watching (I mean shopping) with you this morning. After your 4 a.m. phone call (thanks for the invite, though!) I laid my still-drunk head back on its pillow.

Life is so great. YOU are all are so great. I feel so Blessed. I hope I didn't miss too many "letters" in the alphabet in my address-book ---- if so I aplogize. But I am indeed thankful for all of you in blog-land.

So this will be my new Thanksgiving Tradition. Now that I figured out the "duplicate" button it won't take quite as long, but I will truly enjoy thinking of you all when I send yours. Thanks everybody for texting back, too. It was so sweet to keep hearing the text bell ring all night as people would discover their text and hit "reply". There sure was a lot of love flying around the satellites yesterday.




Comm's said...

its a whole new world.

Taconite Boy said...

Is that a little mermaid reference comm??! Weird.
Hope you had a great T Day Jen!

Julie B said...

It's amazing how many triathletes, ultrarunners, etc. are from the Twin Cities area. Awesome to meet you! I'm 30 minutes NW of Minneapolis.

Tri-Dummy said...

I appreciate the post and have added you to my blog fav's. It's ALWAYS great to meet a sister in Christ!

I noticed you knocked out a busy year in '06!